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Singing Waiters and Chefs

Birthday Entertainment

Something to surprise your guests at your Birthday.

Its doen't matyter if you are having a 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th or even an 80th or 100th Birthday! We have enetrtained at all age groups! And they all love it! Thats becauuse we have access to such a wide range of super talented performers. So if its your 40th Birthday and you want to rememeber your teenage years in the 1980's . We can provide singer sthat will do just that. The same goes for songs from the 1930's through to today!


Have our Singing Waiters Undercover at your event and watch your guests faces when they brust into song and get everyone up on the dance floor!


A great way to get the party started!




Guy Stein, our 30th Birthday Boy had this to say.

"I had a lot of fun Saturday night ! It was a great party ! Your Singers were awesome and I had a great time dancing away with Marilyn ! Very impressed with both Juan and Shaleena. I can honestly say I do think we will be using you again sometime in the near future for entertainment. Best Regards,"  Guy Stein - 11 May 2013


Belinda, our 40th Birthday Girl Had this to say.

 "OUTSTANDING"  Is the word that best describes Mario.He was all and more my guests are still talking about him. Mario was definitely the highlight of the night! And to see from my 8yr old daughter singing, to my 90yr old  grandmother joining in, It was a absolute delight and a memory I shall have forever. THANK YOU Mario from the bottom of our hearts.  - Belinda Rowland - 11th May 2013


Bev our 70th Birthday Girl had this to say:

"A huge thank you for Mario, he was just wonderful, 16 ladies fell in love with him, money well spent fro me as it made my day very special, I do think he might need body guards when next he is booked for a Southern Highlands event. Thank you once again. Warmest Regards."  Bev Evans - 11 May 2013


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